GO’s & Service Particulars

Asst. Programmer to Programmer Promotion-New

Data Entry to Assistant Programmer -Panel -2018-2019

AP Service Particulars 2018-2019 Called Letter

Assistant Programmer to Programmer – Promotion List

Assistant Programmers – Panel – 2017-2018

Data Entry Operators – Panel – 2017-2018

Assistant Programmers – Seniority list

Data Entry Operators – Seniority List

Junior Drawing more Salary than Senior CMA Letter

Selection Grade to Programmer, Asst. Programmer and DEO

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Guidelines 2005

Tamilnadu Municipal Information Technology Service Rule – G.O.162 – Dt. 15.11.2016 .

Tamilnadu Municipal Information Technology Service – Gazette Copy. Dt. 30.11.2016

G.O.Ms.No.201 dt. 30.10.1998 -Information Technology Post Creation Government G.O.

G.O.Ms.No.202 dt.30.10.1998 – Information Technology Post Qualifications G.O

G.O.60 Service Regularisation dt.11.04.2008 -Information Technology Post Regularization & Other Benefits

G.O. Ms No. 84 dt. 12.06.2013 – Constitution of Tamilnadu Municipal Information Technology Service

Programmer Regularization of Service – Roc.No. 5163 /2003/IT-1 dated 12.08.2008

Information Technology Professionals details – Information Technology Services Final as on 01.01.2008

Assistant Programmer- Regularization of Service – Roc.No. 5163 /2003/IT-1 dated 12.08.2008

Data Entry Operators- Regularization of Service – Roc.No. 5163 /2003/IT-1 dated 12.08.2008

Industries & Commerce Dept- Adhoc Rules – G.O.Ms.No.77 dated 8.11.2004

7th Pay Commission Report Central Govt. 7th Pay Commission Report

TN Municipal Accounts service rules_Gazette

Municipal Administration Related GO’s

Annual Maintenance of Computer -G.O